Will Movers Store Your Stuff?

Will Movers Store Your StuffWill Movers Store Your Stuff?

Because a home transition in the mountains can be more complex, it is a reasonable question to ask: Will Movers Store Your Stuff? Fortunately at Majestic we provide a wide range of storage options. As we live in an area dominated by ski resorts land values are high and storage facilities in short supply.

Staging Your Home

When you have your home on the market, your first challenge is to remove all those personal items that may distract a potential buyer that views you home. Your realtor may suggest you take these items off the property. Which will have you asking, “Can I find self storage?” You can. At Majestic we will will pick up your staged goods and safely hold them until you are ready for your final move we can consolidate all of your goods and get you to where you want to go.

Refurbishing Your Home

What to store in self storage? When you are refurbishing your home and need everything to go to give the contractor room to work. Whether you are looking for Vail storage, or Breckenridge storage, you need help to move all of your heavy items out of the house. At Majestic we can bring the storage to you and a with it a crew to load it. We can bring a truck, or a container on a special trailer and load it for you. Then we hold that container in a secure yard until your refurbishment is complete. This reduces budget and is safer for your goods as there is only one load and one unload.

Waiting For Your New Home

Timing is sometimes a problem in the mountains and your new home may not be ready as you vacate your current home. That is why it is really important to know how self storage works where you live. If you are looking for Steamboat Springs storage you will find different pricing and availability that someone who needs Eagle storage.  If you have a period between homes we can hold your goods using the same one load, one unload approach.

Regardless of your circumstances we can answer your questions and help you plan out a period of storage. We look forward to seeing you on storage day!