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House Moving FAQs

When we are moving in the state of Colorado we charge by the hour from the time our movers leave our warehouse until the time they get back. The number of trucks and movers dictate your hourly rate. Our movers are well trained and efficiently protect and move your items. When we move customers to another state we charge by a guaranteed rate per truck needed for the move. 

Two to four packers will travel to your location. They will walk through, create a workspace and carefully pack your art, kitchen, electronics and personal belongings as needed. We often pack the day prior to a move so we can focus on safely moving your goods on move day.

When it comes to coverage for your goods while moving we offer Full Replacement Value Coverage that sets the repair/replace valuation of your goods at $6 per lb for the total move. So if the total weight of your household goods shipment is 10,000 lbs. your total coverage would be $60,000.00. 

With full valuation, you can call out special items that may be worth more than $100 per lb. Ask us how we handle this to ensure it is clear and you are comfortable with your coverage.

You can waive coverage to remove the fee. We do not recommend this. If you waive coverage your goods will be valued at the Federal minimum of one tenth the US average ($.60 per lb). If you waive coverage your 200 lb sofa will be valued at $120.

Coverage is for moves that involve our vehicles. If we are loading into a vehicle you own or have rented we do not offer Full Valuation Coverage.

Yes, we can send over a team to help you unload a truck.

Yes, we have attractively priced storage containers to store your belongings. Our storage is more archival in that we pack it tight as we would a moving truck. Our solution is perfect if you need your belongings safely held without  needing continuous access. 

Yes, we are the only Summit County based movers that  have interstate authority.We are pleased to move our clients and their belongings all over the country. We would be happy to arrange your long-distance move.

Yes, our team comes prepared with the necessary tools to carefully break down any furniture that may need it.

We generally do not move on Saturday, but give us a call and let us know what you need help with. 

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