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About Us

What we can do for you:

Majestic Mountain Movers reduces the time pressure you feel during moving by planning, packing, loading and delivering your belongings. To buy you ever more time, you can store with us until you are ready for your next move.

We can also dispose of unwanted items and deliver your belongings to other states.

Majestic gives you more flexibility, and options, as you make changes to your living situation in the mountains.

Who we are:

Summit County based local team that lives in Breckenridge Frisco, Dillon, Georgetown and Leadville.

The owner is Paul LaFontaine, a US Army veteran with experience of managing complex operations for over 25 years in a variety of environments.

Why Use Majestic?

As a homeowner in the mountains you have unique problems to solve when it comes to repositioning those belongings that make your mountain house the perfect place to be. Whether you are moving existing furniture, boxing valuable items or receiving new furniture you ordered online, living in the mountains means you need flexibility when it comes to the approach to the movement of your goods.

We all face the challenges. Closing date shift when an appraiser can’t be scheduled. You may not be physically present to manage the situation because of travel. It snows, but you still have to move. You want to swap items between homes. You have to move out of state. These problems are what we try to solve for you.

We take full advantage of technology and are local so we can walk with you through the planning, stages and final completion that allows you to get what you own where you want it.

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